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Management Team





The accounting supervisor since 1993. WKI scouted me out of a local accounting office and I have enjoyed growing with our company ever since. I have been married for over 32 years and have two sons, one is a local occupational therapist and the other is in full-time ministry at Kansas City, MO. In 2002, I began working part-time in accounting and overtime in grandparenting! Now I work as hard on my days off taking care of my two grandsons as I do when Iím in the office! When Iím not at work, or wrestling my grandkids, I enjoy being an active member in my church and walking/biking on our local bike trails. It is amazing to know how far this company has come and how many of your voices Iíve come to recognize. If I can ever be of assistance, you can reach me on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.





I joined WKI in 2002 and consider this time as only the beginning of my career with this company. I found interest in the construction/manufacturing industry in 1996 beginning as a carpenter for a residential construction company, then as a metal fabricator for a local manufacturer to coal mines, and now as an estimator. Along the way I met my wife and we now have a daughter who is growing too fast. I have a motorcycle that I probably repair more than I ride, and I am always looking for new fishing spots and that award-winning buck. If youíre in need of the lowest price on high quality casework, call our office and ask for me.





At an early age, my grandfather introduced me to the smell of sawdust. I learned that working with your family has great rewards. I worked construction through high school and joined the family business in 1984. For the first ten years in the business I ran an installation crew which helped in perfecting my skills in reading blueprints which is instrumental in my estimating position now. More importantly, it gave me hands on knowledge of what is required to make the product work in the field. After installing, I took on the responsibility of running the Carbondale showroom which taught me the importance of communication between contractor and supplier.





I am the youngest Wilson on the WKI team. Growing up I worked in the plant doing everything from pushing a broom to assembling cabinets. I currently work as a project manager and spend many hours drafting your work. I lived in Nashville, TN for 8yrs going to college and enjoying life. I worked 6yrs for Marriot Hotels, 1yr with Sun & Ski Sports & 1yr with Academy Sports. Due to the growth of our company, I was approached with the opportunity to join the family team in 2002 as a project manager. I was more than happy to make the move and have a helping hand in making sure we supply the best product out there. If you have any questions about our product or our capabilities please feel free to contact me. For ice breakers we can also talk about anything to do with the outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, climbing, etcÖ..


B.S. Architectural Studies 2000 - Southern Illinois
University-Carbondale B.S. Zoology 1993 - SIU-C



Proud to be third generation in the business, I am constantly challenging myself as well as the company to meet and exceed industry standards. Even though our name has been shortened from Wilson Kitchens Inc. to WKI as a means to isolate our company from the residential kitchen industry, I still take pride in the name and what it has accomplished since my grandfather started the business in 1946. As a result, I intend to use my education and experience combined with the knowledge of our staff to keep or make WKI your primary casework source. (Go Salukis!)


Production / Delivery



I have been with the company since the mid 1980ís. Began as a shop worker then moved to installation where I stayed for four years. As the company grew I was moved into the office where I began estimating and purchasing materials for manufacturing of our product on a job to job basis. I also operate the manufacturing software utilized in running the machinery that cuts and drills parts in our assembly line. I enjoy golf and motorcycle riding. If you need to know the status of your job is in our production line, just give me a call.





I have worked for the Wilson family since June of 1977. The first few years were spent as a production employee working in all areas of the plant. As time passed and my capabilities increased, I worked into several supervisory positions until becoming Plant Manager in 1992. Having been with the company through many ups and downs has served to build character and integrity with a company that I am sure will be around for many years to come.