wki: casework


The late Mr. Eugene “Doc” Wilson started building kitchens in his garage in the early 40's to satisfy his needs as a General Contractor. As demands grew for his cabinets he decided to get out of the contracting business and focus on producing cabinets. From a two man shop in his backyard to a 100 employee facility with multiple showrooms across the Midwest, the company known as Wilsons Custom Kitchens produced thousands of kitchens up until the 80's when the housing industry took a turn for the worse; at that time a decision was made to change focus. WKI was founded to concentrate on the commercial market. WKI has since evolved into a highly computerized shop utilizing the latest in CNC machining to produce quality products with great efficiency. Now in our third generation of Wilsons, we take pride in our name and what it means in the cabinet industry.